Mar 11 2014

ARESDEC VE Team Relocating

After many years of performing our test sessions at Franktown Fire (Station 181), we’re going to permanently relocate our testing to the Pradera Fire Station (184), the address is:

6120 Bridle Path Ln
Parker, CO, 80134

The Pradera site is more conducive to our new computer-based testing, and there’s not as much contention for the space.  Our next scheduled test is April 26, 2014, at Pradera.  See the map below.

We’re also seriously considering increasing the frequency of our testing to every month instead of just the even-numbered months.  This is a result of our cooperation with Parker Radio Association.  Once we see what the availability of examiners is and how much interest there may be in monthly testing, we’ll make a decision.  If you have an opinion on this topic, feel free to drop a line to

Feb 28 2014

February 2014 Face to Face Meeting and Site Survey Exercise

The February 2014 Face to Face meeting featured Adam Cartwright (W0AKO) with a discussion of the basics of digital techniques and their associated application to ARESDEC operation. Particular focus was paid to the use of RMS Express and its use in sending email over VHF/UHF packet. RMS Express and Winmor can be found here:

Adam and Randy Reynard (W0RDR) also described the upcoming Site Survey exercise which is planned for Saturday, March 1, 2014. You can reach the Key Location Forms by accessing the ARESDEC ftp site and navigating to Operations and then to 2014KLFs.

If you have further questions about the exercise please contact either Randy or Adam.

Finally, there was also some discussion about Software Defined Radios (SDRs) and Adam showed an example of a simple and cost effective VHF/UHF SDR based on the RTL2832 chipset and the SDR# (SDR sharp) software package. Adam and Walt Burns (AB0VZ) can provide more information for those of you wishing to venture into the world of SDR.

Members can access the preliminary Key Location Forms on the members’ site.

Feb 19 2014

ARESDEC Volunteer Examiner Team Goes All-Electronic

VECThe ARESDEC VE Team has converted to computer-based testing and as of this month is certified to file our test results with W5YI electronically. The computer-based testing was first performed by the VE Team at Chasercon on Saturday, February 15th, and our first electronic filing was done as a result of that session. Licenses granted as a result of the session were posted on the FCC ULS web site late Monday afternoon. That is remarkably quick turnaround. Some of our more experienced members will remember when it took six to eight weeks for test results to be processed and to wait for that envelope from the FCC in the mail. This is a VAST improvement over those days.

Our team is also investigating joining forces with the recently formed Parker Radio Association. This would increase the number of available VEs and also the number of applicants. We may consider doing testing monthly (as opposed to only in the “even numbered” months) in the very near future.

If you, or anyone you know is ready to test, have them contact W0RDR ( for more information.

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